Saturday, 21 July 2012

Making Paper Dolls

You may not have seen those paper doll kits in your stores anymore. That can be disappointing if you want your child to be able to experience all the fun you had with them when you were her age. Even though there are paper dolls online, they just aren't the same as the ones that you can play with on your own. Playing with them is a great way for a girl to explore her own imagination.

There is no need to worry though as you can easily help your daughter to make her own paper dolls. This will be a fun project for both of you to take part in. All of the materials you will need can be bought at your local craft store. Making your own paper dolls is also very inexpensive. If you try to get your hands on a vintage set of them they will cost you more than you will be comfortable with.

Most of the supplies you will use to make paper dolls are very basic. There is a good chance you will already have many of them on hand at home. You are going to need crayons or markers, glue, cardboard, paper, scissors, and yarn. You will also need a flat surface such as the kitchen table where you can work.

Cut out the design of the doll you wish to have. If you aren't very good at this you can easily print one out from the internet. You can then trace the size of it. You will need to trace this same size onto the cardboard. You are going to cut the cardboard and the paper shape. Next you will glue the paper onto the cardboard.

You can use the crayons to make a face on the paper dolls. The yarn can be glued on to make the hair for her. You can then cut out shapes for clothing and color them. Make sure you have tabs on the ends of them so that you can fold them onto the paper doll you have made. This way they will stay securely on the dolls. This process of making paper dolls is fun and it will be something your daughter always remembers doing with you.